Sculpturer - creator of wooden art


Human, Male, 179 cm, 158 lbs, 16 yrs
Fair skin, D. Blond hair, Green eyes
Long natural wild hair
Athletic build

Passions, deities and beliefs:
Belief: Nature (balance of nature, and circle of life ), Peace (through readiness and mastery of defence/offence)
Deities: None in particular (all in due time)

Personality traits:
Seems quiet and thoughtful. Tries to talk his way out of most things, seeming cowardly to many others. Likes beautiful things in all its’ forms, from works of art, jewellery , to master crafted tools of war.
Will try not to engage directly in confrontations, but if cornered, will try to pacify his aggressors as quickly as possible (using any means).


Born in a town on the western edge of the lands, where many foreigners (and slaves) came for trade. Mother is a priestess in the church of Arawn, and father is a protector, helping those in need. As I grew up, it became evident that I shouldn’t be a direct servant of the church. My parents quickly awakened my abilities as a protector, and even though I hold it in high regard, and have the outmost respect of life in all its forms, the self-sacrificing routines of the church pushed me further and further away.
My parents then turned their focus to my well developed sense of finding the inner being of wood, making these into artistic pieces. They made a deal with a local artisan, and I became an apprentice in his shop.
I have now completed my apprenticeship, and have travelled south to Pontus, in the hope that my skills will be in demand here…


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